Forbes names Bogotá one of 2017’s top destinations

The Forbes Travel Guide recently published their list of the Top 12 Destinations of 2017 and Colombia has another high-profile travel recommendation as a result. The list, which focuses on cities and only includes 3 other non-North American cities, names Colombia’s capital as one of their best destination cities for this year. With more and more global flights to Bogotá than ever before, and a growing number of hotels, tourist experiences, restaurants, bars and cafes, the city is poised to become South America’s next capital of cool over the upcoming few years.

According to Forbes, Bogotá (and Colombia in general) has continued to shed “unsavoury images from the 1980s and ’90s” and people are “slowly realising just how special [the city] is” (*Ahem* we’ve known it for years…just saying…). The post singles out hotels such as the hip W Hotel, the recently opened Kuru Japanese restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel, and the National Museum of Colombia. Most excitingly, Forbes confirm what we have been saying for a long time, that Bogotá is “becoming the hottest destination in South America.” 

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