Share Your Immigration Stories

What is your immigration story?

At Por Colombia, we want to become a place where our culture and rich history can inspire and help others understand why immigrants are so important to America.  Our struggles and successes speak to our hard-working nature.  By talking about our history, we can inspire future generations of Colombian-Americans to strive for what we have become.

Tell the story that got you to America. It can be your grandparent’s, parents’ or your own story.  We drafted some questions to help you get started, but if you feel inspired to write more or do it completely different, then please do!  We highly recommend that you keep the entire piece to no more than a five-minute read. Feel free to come back and break up your story into multiple entries.

Tell Us Your Immigration Story Guidelines:

  • Where is your family originally from (in Colombia) and why did they leave? How old were the members of your family when this happened?
  • Where did you originally live and where did you ultimately grow up/settle.  Why?
  • What did you/your parents/grandparents do to get by initially, and is this still what you are doing today?
  • Are you an American Citizen? If so, do you remember the day that you become one – does it hold a special meaning for you?
  • What customs do you miss most from Colombia, and do you still practice them here?

Join us on Facebook to let us know that you are interested in sharing your story. A more automated process to join/share will be available at the end of January 2017.